At DENTDUDE Paintless Dent Repair we provide a wide range of dent repair services for automobiles. We work on all kinds of dents, dings, creases, and even hailstorm damage. Our dent experts will restore your vehicle to its original condition without leaving any trace of the damage it’s suffered.

As long as the paint on your vehicle has not been cracked and the dent has not resulted in metal damage, DENTDUDE will erase all signs of the mishap, erasing all the damage, and returning your car to pristine condition.

Ceramic Pro
Ceramic Pro can help keep your vehicle’s shine for many years to come. Protect your ride’s paint, save time washing, and never wax again!

Leather, Vinyl, and Plastics Repair
We repair scratches, cuts, tears, burn holes, worn or faded seats, and interior panels.

Carpet and Seat Stain Removal

Odor Removal
We can eliminate those annoying odors caused by pets, smoking, mildew, and many other things.

Headlight Restoration

Have foggy or yellowed headlights? We restore them to clear again, improving your car’s appearance and ensuring safer nighttime driving and visibility. Less expensive than total replacement.

Bumper Repair
Whether you have a dent or greater damage to your car’s bumper, we can repair it to look new again.

Paint Touch-Up

Annoying stone chips got you down? Our one of a kind paint system fills those chips with paint making your car look great while preventing rust and further damage to the finish. We can mix over 300,000 colors to match your car perfectly.

Windshield Chip Repair

We fill those nasty chips so the damage doesn’t spread and lead to a full windshield replacement.

Wheel Bands

These special bands adhere to your wheels and prevent costly wheel damage. They can be customized to your car too! Ask us for more information.

Call us today at (717) 991-6171 and let us work our magic!