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What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair is an autobody repair method that can be used to remove dings, dents, and creases from your vehicle.

Traditional repair methods often require body fillers or replacement parts. But PDR restores the panel to its original condition, making it the preferred choice for car dealers, auto enthusiasts, and collectors.

How Does PDR Work?

DENTDUDE first assesses the damage. Many factors must be considered, such as the location of the dent, its size, and if it is accessible.

Most dents can be repaired with PDR, as well as many creases. With more than 20 years experience, DENTDUDE can often provide an estimate and determine repairability simply by sending a photo on our contact form.

Your DENTDUDE PDR tech will then use specialized tools to carefully work out your ding, dent, or crease. A special light board helps us see the dent and make sure the repair is complete.

What Are the Advantages of PDR?

Saves You Money. Paintless dent repair doesn’t require you to buy new panels or replacement parts to repair your vehicle. You also don’t have to pay for the labor involved with painting.

Saves You Time. Traditional body repair takes a lot of waiting. The shop must assess the damage, check pricing/availability on parts, and get approval to order. You have to wait for parts to be delivered and installed. Then the panel has to be painted, adding more time.

Saves Resale Value. Even if a body shop is good enough to blend the paint so it’s difficult to notice, a dent repaired with filler and paint can’t reach the level of repair that quality PDR can provide. When you’re ready to sell your car or truck, your resale value could take a hit!

Saves the Planet. No, this isn’t a wild claim. Manufacturing paints, body fillers, and new parts impacts our planet. Paintless dent repair helps to eliminate the environmental costs associated with manufacturing and applying these products.

Can Paintless Dent Repair Fix Your Dent?

The answer is most likely “YES!” An experienced tech knows how to gain access to and repair most dents. However, there are some situations where PDR becomes cost-prohibitive or that might not result in perfect results.

Dents that have stretched the body or have significantly damaged the paint are not the best candidates for PDR.

DENTDUDE has been performing PDR on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles for over 20 years. We can often determine if PDR can fix your dent by a photo. Send a photo of your dent for a free estimate!

Even if your vehicle’s damage doesn’t qualify for PDR repair, DENTDUDE may be able to help. And we may be able to use a combination of PDR and traditional repair methods to save you time and money!

How Long Does PDR Take?

Paintless dent repair times vary. A small dent or ding with easy access could take only 10 minutes or so. Larger dents or creases that require removal of parts to gain access could take a few hours. DENTDUDE takes special care to protect your vehicle.

Fix Your Dent with Paintless Dent Repair

Ready to fix your dent? Make your ride look like new again with paintless dent repair!

PDR saves you time and money. Most repairs can be completed in minutes or hours, not days or weeks like traditional body repairs.

Love your car again! Contact DENTDUDE now to book your appointment!