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Please understand that many factors affect the cost of paintless dent removal. A dent’s location, its depth, the vehicle’s paint condition, its design, and the location of its electronic systems all affect the technique used to repair a dent. Dents can also appear small at the surface but expand into the panel. It is best to have DENTDUDE inspect the dent in person and provide you with a written estimate for your repairs.

That being said, we receive many inquiries regarding price. To give you a general idea of the cost of paintless dent repair, please see below.


Dent SizePrice Estimate


Additional dents on the same panel are reduced in price by 50%.

A door has three dents. One dent is 2″. The other two dents are each 1″.
The 2″ dent is $125 and the additional dents are $50 each, totaling $225.

All of the dents must be on the same panel to receive the reduced price. The largest dent is always the first dent priced per panel.

Pricing provided above applies to dents of average depth and normal access.

Pricing does not include removal and replacement of headliners and other parts blocking access to the back side of the dent. We try to minimize these costs and we will communicate with you before and during the repair process.