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Thanks for taking time to look at our photos of paintless dent repair and other services.

We have many satisfied customers throughout the Harrisburg metro-area, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the United States. If you’ve got damage like this and the auto body shop is telling you it will take thousands to repair it, give DENTDUDE a call first!

Give DENTDUDE a chance to save you time and money! We hope to earn your business with quality paintless dent repair work like you see here. So, if you’re tired of looking at that dent in your ride, send a photo to DENTDUDE for a free estimate!

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Ready to get rid of that dent in your ride?

First, we need to assess the damage. Because DENTDUDE has been performing paintless dent repair for over 20 years, we can often give you a preliminary estimate just by seeing a photo of your vehicle’s damage. This can save you time and an additional trip to our shop.

When sending a photo of your dent to DENTDUDE, try to make sure there is good lighting that defines the dent well. Taking a photo outside at an angle often makes your dent most visible in a photo. Try not to let the sun’s glare obstruct the view of the dent. You don’t have to be a professional photographer. But a clear photo will help us assess the damage and save you an extra trip.

If you’re taking a photo in your garage or in the evening, try to position a light source off to the side to illuminate the dent. Often, your phone’s flash will create a glare that blocks the view of the dent. You might also find success by framing the dent in the side of the photo and not directly in the center. Some phones even let you turn down the flash brightness which might help.

Got your photo ready? Submit it on or send your photo to (717) 991-6171.